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[package] ticket walk landscape gallery, the most beautiful Three Gorges tour of

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    • Days trip:4 天
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  • * * gold products Yangtze River Cruises, tours and Three Gorges scenery, enjoy the elegant and noble life!

    As the fifth generation of the Yangtze River. In five star cruises flagship, the Yangtze River Gold cruises not only high-end customers in Europe and America face open, but also to meet the domestic demand for high-end customers. Each cruise ship is a moving water scenery, but also a moving palace of water, but also a beautiful tourist city!

    * * the Yangtze River Gold cruises will lead the Chinese and foreign guests through the Grand Canyon of the most beautiful in the world, to touch the nature beautiful scenery and colorful style! The Yangtze River Three Gorges Tourism and tourism into a beautiful realm! Write new history and mythology!

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